04 March 2009

Slice of Life: A drive

This afternoon as I left the school parking lot, I turned left, rather than right. I drove east, away from town, away from the big lake, away from the afternoon sun. As I drove I enjoyed the break from routine and began to savor the sights, familiar sights, but sights that I haven't seen for a while. I enjoyed driving through the rolling hills past the farms that haven't given in to the temptation of a quick dollar by selling out to developers.

As I continued heading east, I eventually passed the CSA farm that provides our family's vegetables for 20+ weeks during the summer and fall. It reminded me that in three short (long?!) months, we would be out in those fields -- transplanting, weeding, harvesting, washing -- helping to provide the food that we as shareholders have come to love and depend on.

After I reached my destination and had exchanged four clean, glass jars for four jars of fresh goats' milk, I headed for home. Thankful for a change in routine, thankful for a opportunity to get out into the country, thankful for the farmers that provide so much of our local fare.


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GirlGriot said...

I so wanted to be on that ride with you ... in reality, not just in my imagination. I love living where I do, but having as close a connection with the earth, with food production, as you describe is something I crave.

GirlGriot said...

This is wonderful. I'm thinking of (finally) buying a half share in one of the CSAs that bring produce to Brooklyn. Your slice is pushing me toward the 'yes' column!