11 June 2009

The Connected Teacher

Yesterday Will Richardson posted a great piece where he uses a fictitious conversation between an educational leader and a journalist to share the benefits of using the social web in education. I have been thinking about the post throughout the day (while scraping paint off the side of our 98 year old home) and how great it would be if his "dream" became a reality.

I am by no means an expert at blogging, using Twitter, or participating in Nings. Yet, I can't possibly describe how much I have grown and been challenged as an educator since they became a part of my daily life.

About a month ago I had a similar vision for the staff of ZPS. What would it look like if more of us began following blogs, blogging, using Twitter, and the like? So I began putting together a simple Moodle course called The Connected Teacher. The goal is to get a small group of ZPS teachers together (this summer?) in order to support one another in using the social web for "personal professional development." Anyone is welcome to check out the Moodle course as a guest and if you're a ZPS teacher who would like to participate, send me an e-mail for the enrollment key.

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sarahclswanson said...

Hi Kip -
I keep meaning to leave a comment on your site. I am very interested in the ways that you integrate technology into your teaching. I enjoy being up with the latest technology and have dabbled in moodle with the teachers I work with, but have been hesitant to jump on the twitter bandwagon. It seems like you have a great balance of living simply and still keeping connected to our changing world and keeping up with the kids that often are more in tune than we are. Congrats on the new dog, too!