This session will be structured similar to my approach for an inquiry into any topic in my fourth grade classroom. As with any group of learners, we all have varied experiences and background. We'll spend a few minutes figuring out where we're all at and then take off from there.

My goal is discuss inquiry in general and look at simple, specific ways that we can get started using it with our students during the first week of school.


Brief introductions

What do we think we know about inquiry?

Google Doc - please jump in and add your thoughts

What would we like to know?

A few pages from Comprehension and Collaboration

What have we learned about inquiry?

What do we still want to know?


RESOURCES (we'll add more to this list as we go...)

Inquiry site created by ZPS educators

Comprehension and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action (book)

In Search of Understanding: The Case for Constructivist Classrooms (book)

Project Zero: Visible Thinking - Core Routines (website)

Learning Science Through Inquiry (video series - free streaming)

BOE Presentation - no video - PDF

BOE Presentation - video - Keynote (large file)

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