19 April 2010


When I launched my classroom blog last September I named it Cairns. I liked the idea of the posts marking my students' learning trail through the year. Then, reality sunk in and I realized that I needed balance more than anything this school year. So, my classroom blog became a low-priority item (as did this blog).

This weekend my brother was in town for a short visit. One of the many things we talked about was the desire to blog on a more regular basis (to be honest, I have missed blogging quite a bit the past three months). To that end, my goal is to make this a place to share the little things my brain is working on each week. I am giving myself permission to post incomplete thoughts, wonderings, and the little "ah-has" -- items that I had previously felt "unworthy" to be blog material. The hope is that, in the end, they'll mark the way along a path to new learning.

[Photo courtesy of my brother, Jed Anderson, from his collection of images captured on a recent trip to Thailand.]


Ben Braymer said...

Glad to see you back Kip! I know the feeling, and have left my personal blog alone for months before. It can have its seasons for sure.

Mary DY said...

I'll take tidbits of thoughts, unfinished or not. You always help me to think about teaching and learning in new ways. And sometimes, I just love hearing your reflections on a topic. M