31 August 2015

Taking your Reading & Writing Workshop Digital

Here are some suggestions to ponder and links to explore.

Reading Workshop
  • Use the Pearson eText app to allow students to read and annotate 
  • Use Google Drive to share PDFs of text with students
    • Students can use Notability to annotate while reading
  • Digital Reading Response Log
    • Each student creates a Doc and shares it with the teacher
    • Each day write a few sentences about what they read and what they were thinking (my minimum: 1 sentence summary, 3 sentences about thinking - connecting it all together)
    • Each student is assigned a day for the teacher to read and respond to their thinking
  • Best Thinking Letter posted weekly using Kidblog
  • Vocabulary
    • keep a list of unknown words found in daily independent reading 
    • use the Dictionary app on an iPad to look up the word
    • use a Doc to keep track of words
  • Use Haiku Deck to share an oral summary of a book that has been read

Writing Workshop
  • Use Google Docs for digital writing workshop
    • Share doc with teacher and/or peers to receive feedback
    • Share doc with teacher to print for final unit assessment
    • Students can create a shared doc to write a piece together (I used this with a Science topic following a shared class write)
  • Use Haiku Deck to share informational research or biography 
  • Use Inspiration for pre-writing


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