18 December 2008

Christmas Break reading plans

[This was originally posted to a Moodle group in response to the question "What will you be reading over break?"]

I've learned as a parent that any amount of time that I get to read at home is a gift. I always have more reading that I would like to do than I have time for (that's universal, right?). Here are some of my reading plans:
  • We've started reading A Magician's Nephew for our family's nightly read aloud. I hate to admit that I have never read The Chronicles of Narnia myself. My parents read them aloud to me when I was young, but I don't remember a lot. I look forward to it as much as the kids each night.
  • On the recommendation of some friends, I began reading The River Why? by David James Duncan this summer. Before I got too far into it, Christa stole it to read it for a book club. I checked it out again over Thanksgiving Break, but haven't been able to read more than a page or two.
  • A little serendipity has brought Billy Collins' poetry into mind in the past day as well. My brother gave me a copy of Sailing Alone Around the Room: New and Selected Poems for Christmas a few years ago. I pulled it from my short stack of books balanced on the headboard last night and re-read a few of the best (my brother is an English major and marked a dozen or so of his favorite poems in the book). There is a great poem "On Turning Ten" that I'm sure my fourth graders could relate to as most of them will turn 10 this school year. Then this morning I received a bulk e-mail from Don Miller and decided to subscribe to his blog. He had written about Billy Collins' new book in the last month. Love the little coincidences...
  • Speaking of blogs... I highly recommend the blog A Year of Reading if you're looking for new books for your classroom (or yourself). I check in on a regular basis using Google Reader (Anyone interested in Tech Tips 102?).
  • Also, I hope to read the second half of Teaching with Intention and a chapter or two of Day-to-Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop. Like I said earlier, lofty (and unreachable) goals! :>)

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