08 December 2008

Tech Tips for Teachers 101

Folks from the book club suggested that I teach a class on technology tips for teachers. In lieu of a class, I'm forwarding along a few suggestions to them. Here are some of the items that we discussed at our book club meeting last Friday.

Setting up multiple tabs:

You can open several tabs that you would want to open each time you open Firefox. At school I have three tabs open up: IC, Gmail, and Moodle. At home I have five tabs open up: Gmail, Google Reader (more on this later), NY Times, ZPS webmail, Moodle. The options are endless.
  1. In Firefox, to open multiple tabs go to File -> New Tab and then open the page(s) that you'd like to have open when you launch Firefox.
  2. To set them to open up go to Tools -> Options, choose Main, click Use Current Pages, and then click OK.
Easy as that! If you'd like more information, Firefox has a great explanation of how it works.

Google Books:
  1. Click Sign In and create a new account for your library
  2. Search for a book title and then click Add to Library when you've found the same edition
  3. To edit the Labels (for levels, basket names, etc.), click My Library at the top
  4. Click Edit Labels and then create your labels, separated by a comma and then click Save.
  5. Your library is always being saved as you work so you don't need to worry about that.
Here's the link to my classroom library.

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