12 March 2009

Slice of Life: The fog has lifted

This slice is a little "thick" due to the fact that I haven't posted for the past seven days. Who would have thought the first week of March would have been so busy? No prizes for this guy this year, but the challenge has been good for me.

I have been living life in a sort of fog the past week or so. The sun has peeked through at various moments -- literally, last Thursday afternoon for an unseasonably warm glimpse of spring, and metaphorically, while on a weekend church retreat. Other than those moments, my mind has been clouded by illness (all five members of our family have been on antibiotics), preparations for and meeting with parents for spring conferences, and getting report cards ready for today's deadline. Of course, there have also been the other random assortment of distractions that life dishes out.

Today, I could tell that the fog had lifted. I was able to complete thoughts, speak somewhat coherent sentences, and actually help my kids clean their bedroom tonight even though my wife was teaching and I was responsible for getting all three of them to bed at a reasonable hour. I was also able to do some thinking about the project my students are working on and how I want them to publish it. The creative juices were flowing once again. It's good to be back in the sunshine again.

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